Sunday, May 27, 2007

Party Dog

There were a lot of people at our house this weekend, and they all think I'm awesome (because I am). I got some treats, including something called sausage and also some hamburger bits. I was very attentive to the people when they were eating, and I think they really appreciated it.

I also spent a lot of time just sitting in the middle of groups of people. They were all talking a lot, so I just listened, and sometimes fell asleep. They didn't seem to mind. They even took me for a long, long walk on Sunday.

Also, I spent a few days over at Aunt Paula's house, with my friends 'Bus and Marlin. They're pretty great dogs, and sometimes they even let me boss them around. Paula's house is even more fun than my house. I was playing with this other dog, Maggie, and we found a dead bird! It was so cool! I don't know why Paula wouldn't let me have it.

Anyway, it has been a very eventful and busy weekend, and I'm one exhausted dog.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Check it out: I made the news! Here's my CNN headline:

'Carter is irrelevant,' Bush administration shoots back
POSTED: 3:53 p.m. EDT, May 20, 2007

And some juicy details:

Carter was quoted Saturday in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette as saying "I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history."

Carter, who won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2002, criticized Bush for having "zero peace talks" in Israel. Carter also said the administration "abandoned or directly refuted" every negotiated nuclear arms agreement, as well as environmental efforts by other presidents.

Amber Wilkerson, Republican National Committee spokeswom said it was hard to take Carter seriously because he also "challenged Ronald Reagan's strategy for the Cold War."
And here I thought it was hard to take me seriously because I'm so darn cute!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Today the humans took me to a secret location where someone cut my nails, cleaned my ears, gave me a BATH and cut off all my beautiful fur. I'm outraged. But apparently also very cute.
Here's some before and after action:

To explain the pose, I've recently taken to sleeping in the box where they put their paper recycling. I don't know why.

But look at how great all my freckles are! I'm adorable!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Pantry Bandit Strikes Again!

Today I did a totally awesome thing. While Bridget was on the phone with her mom, I snuck into the pantry and totally helped myself to all the treats I could find. In fact, I just stuck my head into the bag of treats that sits on the floor. I'm not even supposed to be in the KITCHEN, let alone the pantry, so it was all pretty hush-hush, until Bridget came looking for me to take me for a walk. She was kinda mad. She said the reason I have an upset stomach (which I do) is because I ate too many treats. Too many treats? How is that possible. I also tried to eat several other things today, including a Hershey bar wrapper and the remains of Jake's dinner. I was not successful today, but I will try, try again.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Best Day Ever

I started off the morning with my usual Dunkin' Donuts coffee. It keeps me going 'cause doing things is what I like to do.

Today was an amazing day because I got to be OFF LEASH!!! The humans NEVER let me OFF LEASH, but today was a special day. First, Aunt Paula and her dogs, Cerebus and Marlin, came over. First I barked at them, but then I let them come in and pee on the garden with me. Then all of us -- three people and three dogs -- piled into Aunt Paula's car to drive to Harold Parker State Forrest.

Once we arrived and got out on the trails, they took me OFF LEASH and I got to run around and meet other dogs and smell all the amazing smells of the woods. The other dogs all went swimming, but I wasn't totally into that. I did get wet up to my belly, though.

Check out how totally cool I look out on this island that I found (OK, it's a peninusula). I think there were fish in the water, because I kept staring.

Check it out! In this picture, there are geese and goslings swimming along in the background. I was interested, but I didn't go after them.

It was such a great day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007