Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Dog Bless Us, Everyone!


This is my first Christmas with Jake and Bridget (and Lucy) and I've had a pretty awesome day. I got a special meal of pheasant for dogs! It came out of a can and I was really excited about it, even though Bridget said she thought it looked gross. What does she know?

The peoples cooked bacon, and I got a small snack of it -- I wanted more, because the whole house smelled like bacon! MMMmmmmm.

Santa also brought me a present. It was kinda hard to open with my paws, but I managed (with some help from Bridget). It had a bunch of treats in it and a new squeaky toy! It's a small mallard duck and I like it a lot!

I am also getting along pretty well with this Lucy character who lives here now. Sometimes I check on her for the peoples, just to make sure she's OK. I'm also being increasingly protective -- I bark like mad when the postman or the UPS man or the FedEx man comes to the door. Just making sure they know that just because they bring me packages, I don't have to trust them!

I'm a good dog.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Times, they are a changin'

So things have been crazy here at my house. Jake and Bridget sent me away, and then brought me back, where I met Bridget's Mom, who took care of me for a few days. We got along OK, but she kept getting up REALLY early and encouraging me to go outside. She didn't get that I am a lazy dog, and that I like to wait until late morning to go outside. But she took good care of me, keeping me fed. I think by the end of her visit, she was a member of the Carter fan club, even if she won't admit it.

While she was here, I got another haircut. Also, the people brought a tree into the house! I tell you, it's a crazy mixed up world!

Then Bridget and Jake finally came back home. And they brought with them this creature they call "the Baby" or "Lucy." At first, I was really really really upset, because this creature makes A LOT of noise. I felt the need to point at the location of the baby, and to whine and cry when she would cry. Then Jake started giving me treats whenever this happened, which was awesome. Eventually, he stopped doing that, and I have chilled out, but still, that creature is VERY LOUD.

I have continued to make regular raids on the kitchen, as well as any bags that are left within reach of my nose. I made multiple attempts to grab some English muffins from the kitchen, but only got an empty box. I also found myself an entire pack of red licorice in Jessamy's bag (that was awesome! I never even knew I liked red licorice! YUM!).

Additionally, the weather around here has been nuts, with all this snow and ice around. It's rather hard on my poor paws, so I often have to get some help from Jake to get the snow out from between my toes, and to warm me up after our walks. My bed is now located next to a radiator, so I stay nice and toasty while I'm indoors.

That's all for now. I am hoping that Santa will bring me some nice new treats for Christmas. And I hope all my readers get their Christmas wishes, too!