Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Tortilla Bandit!

Today I ate a flour tortilla. There was just one in the bag, and it was sitting on the radiator in the kitchen. I totally snuck in there while the humans weren't looking. I made a bunch of stuff crash onto the floor, but they didn't really notice. I brought the bag into the dining room and went to town. Wow! A tortilla all my own! Sadly, I didn't have any salsa or guacamole. But it was awesome. And the humans didn't even notice until hours later when they found the bag.

I am the Tortilla Bandit! Hide where you will, fine mexican flatbreads, I will find you! And eat you!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lazy Sunday, Carter Style

Today the humans were doing all sorts of work outdoors. I tried to help, but they kept shooing me away from the fence and yelling about paint. Oh well. So I took a nap. I also ate some acorn shells and some dirt. I'm weird like that. I chased a couple of cats. It has been a busy day.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Earth Day at 83 Durant

It is a beautiful day here at 83 Durant. It's also Earth Day. Today we had a fun family adventure. Yesterday, Jake rigged up Carter's kennel so it fits on the bike trailer. Today, we got Carter into the kennel, and pedaled into town. We got lots of gleeful pointing and cheering. It was pretty fun. We were heading into town to pick up our New England Rain Barrel, which we ordered through the city (they got a special state grant to get discounted ones). The folks at the rain barrel distribution were very amused to see us, and wanted to know how we planned to get the rain barrel home. We came prepared, with bungees and ropes and whatnot, and here's the result.

We made quite the scene riding through town. We got some other great stuff at Earth Day, including a rain gauge and a fancy sprayer head for the garden hose. And we felt very virtuous doing it all on the bike.

Friday, April 20, 2007

A ride in the bike trailer!

The Humans are up to their usual tricks. It's not enough for them that I walk with them to different places. Now they want me to BIKE with them. Jake has rigged up my kennel (my sleeping spot!) to the bike trailer that attaches to the tandem. I hopped in, and discovered, to my horror, that they were going to bike all over the place, with me trapped in the kennel! It was outrageous. So I sat down, and then kinda relaxed. It was pretty chill. They let me out for a bit at the park, but I was ready to get right back in and go for another ride. So I guess I kinda dig the bike trailer.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Raincoats, cats, and tartar

I haven't updated my dogblog in so long! Bridget's been so busy on the computer that I never get a chance to use it!

It's raining today, so when the humanoids took me out for a walk, they put boots on me. I hate the boots. Eventually, two of them fell off, but boy, they are a pain. There was some talk of getting me a raincoat, but again, I don't know why. Apparently they think I smell bad when I'm wet. Whatever. I think I smell awesome!

This week, I've been increasingly interested in cats. I'm not sure if I want to make friends with them or eat them, but they won't let me find out. I actually managed to knock Jake over while we were out on a walk. I saw a cat and just bolted. When he fell, I took advantage of the situation and ran like a mad dog, chasing that cat. The cat ran under a shed, so I ran under the shed. Somehow, the cat got out, and went up a tree. I was stuck under the shed. It was kind of embarassing.

I tried some new treats this week. They're supposed to be for tartar control, and they're big and hard. Shortly after I ate it, I noticed that Bridget and Jake kept running away from me. Something about "farting." I don't know if it was the tartar control treats or what. Further testing is needed.