Saturday, February 20, 2010

For Your Consideration

Dear readers. Many of you know of my film work last summer. I write to alert you that my film, The Fighter will likely be released later this year (2010) rather than next year (which was what we originally thought). Rumors read online here and here and also further supported by a SAG member at a Lowell screening of The Invention of Lying (attended by Bridget) indicate that the film's release has been moved up because it's an award contender. I think you know what's coming next.

I would like to draw your attention to my work in the film. I appear (or should appear) in two scenes, where my acting is vital to the action and emotional experience of the storyline. The work I put into this film -- my heart and soul, really -- I believe is worthy of the Oscar nod. I hope you will consider me for a Best Supporting Actor nomination. I could not have done it without my excellent colleagues and close personal friends, Mark, Christian, and Amy. And David was really invaluable as a director, pushing me to really make the role my own. But really, the work is mine, and I hope you will recognize my contribution with the appropriate award.

Thank you.

And as long as I'm writing, Bridget wanted me to mention that the screening of The Invention of Lying was quite exciting. Yes, it was released last year, and didn't get great reviews, but it was tremendously fun to go watch it in a room above a bar filled with people who worked on the film. Although Bridget didn't work on the film (I'm the only movie-maker here!), she does own Tina Fey's sweater, as well as several other objects purchased after they finished shooting the film. So throughout the movie, we got to see all the things that we now own. A lamp that is now in our basement is a central figure in an important scene! How cool! But also, you can really see A LOT of Lowell in this movie. There are tons of shots of the streets and storefronts, and it's quite clear that it's Lowell. There are lots of shots inside places here, including restaurants, bars, and a bank. It's very fun to watch, both for the Lowell shout-outs, and the hilarious very short performances by the likes of big name actors. I say it's worth watching!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Cheerios! Why didn't anyone tell me about Cheerios before? I love them! They're awesome!

Don't tell Bridget. Please. I snuck into the kitchen pantry while they were out and totally opened the box and ripped at the bag and totally ate Cheerios.

Can we keep this just between us? Please?

And next time, can I have some milk? And bananas?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lucky Dog (I'm a Winner!)

Yesterday we got the phone call: I am a winner! I won a raffle at our favorite pet supply store, Healthy Pets! It is so awesome! So we took a ride over there and picked up my winnings. I got all kinds of treat and a few CANS of dog food (YUM!) and a giant bag of dogfood! It's huge! Bigger than me! Last night I tried to open it with my own paws, so Jake took it away and hid it from me. But I know it's here somewhere! You can't keep me from my rightful winnings!

I am one lucky dog!