Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So at this past weekend's Dog-a-Palooza, Bridget entered me in a raffle.  Readers, you know me: I am the luckiest dog in the world.  Guess what!  I won!  I'm getting a gift bag of goodness from Pete's Grain, an awesome local pet supply & grain store!  I am SO EXCITED.  Maybe I can even get a sponsorship deal with them!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nom! Shortcake

I have a problem, and that problem is baked goods. If there are baked goods cooling on the dining room table, I will attempt to eat them.  Jake and Bridget seem to keep forgetting this.  But I am ever hopeful, ever vigilant.

And today, I won!

I got some shortcake!  It was awesome.  Bridget screamed. But I didn't stop.

I am the master of the baked goods.  No one can stop me.

Yes, I will pull down the tablecloth if I have to.  Yes, I will eat until I make myself ill.

But Jake, as long as you keep baking, I will keep attempting, by any means necessary, to eat your baked goods.  Bring on your cookies.  Bring on the breads.  I will eat them.  All.

Oh, also, yesterday, the whole family went over to Sue's condo building where they had this awesome Dog-a-palooza event, with proceeds to benefit my good friends at the Lowell Humane Society.  It was amazing.  I got SO MANY treats.  I also got my toenails clipped, which wasn't awesome, except for the fact that I got lots of treats.

All their treats are belong to me.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lowell Folk Festival Rocks!

Carter loved his day at the Lowell Folk Festival.  He really got into the spirit of it with his lei and all, especially since we got to see & hear Hula Halau 'o Keikiali'i at Boardinghouse Park:

We also caught a great set by Denis Pepin & Susie Lemay, who both play accordions and perform French Canadian music.  It was all wonderful.

Just like last year, we picked up our bag of compost from the previous year.

We went down to the Lowell Folk Festival on both Saturday and Sunday.  Both days were amazing.  We were especially into the food.  Our favorites: The Jamaican meat pies. Oh, and pretty much everything we shoved in our mouths.  Thanks, Lowell Folk Festival!  We'll see you next year!

Monday, July 9, 2012

RIP, our friend Dinky

I heard some sad news from the West Coast this weekend: my furry comrad, Dinky, passed away.

Here he is with Dean and Jake (and Nirvana's gold record) at Subpop.  They have an interview with Dean there, where he explains about moving to Seattle with Dinky in a bike trailer.  And they have a very nice obituary for him there at SubPop, too.

Dinky loved people, and people loved Dinky.  He was really just a totally awesome dog.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

That's why they call it the Emergency Brake!

So this afternoon, I (Bridge) was being a model of efficiency.  In an effort to decrease the errand-running and bridge-crossing, I picked up Lucy a bit early from school, then together we picked up Carter from the groomer's, then all together, we went to Shaw Farm, where we usually go once a week to get our milk and eggs.

Here's what happened next:

We left Carter in the car while Lucy and I went inside with our empty bottles.  It was a quick exchange of empties for fresh full ones; we paid and headed back to the car.  Carter had clearly attracted the attention of the young man in the car parked next to ours, and they appeared to be entertaining each other quite well.  I asked Lucy to stay on the sidewalk, while I opened the front door of the car and put the eggs and milk inside.  She squealed with glee, watching Carter bound about the car, very excited to see us (you'd think we'd been gone for hours).  Carter was very worked up, and bounded into the front seat just as I closed the door.

I called Lucy, opened the back door, and popped her into her seat.  This is where things went crazy.  While I was working to get Lucy strapped into her seat, Carter was positively going crazy in the front seat, too excited to be still, just pacing and bounding and jumping.

Somehow, in all his chaos, he disengaged the emergency break, which sits in between the driver and passenger seat.  The car began to roll backwards, with the back passenger door open and me halfway inside, half on top of Lucy.

It was crazy.  The man in the car beside us jumped out of his car with a horrified look, but clearly wasn't going to be able to do anything.  Carter was jumping around, and Lucy was squealing with delight (she had no idea that rolling backwards, with no control, in a parking lot, was a problem).  I threw myself farther into the car, fumbled around a bit, and managed to grab the emergency break, pulling it with everything I had.  The car came to a stop, about a full car-length behind where it had started.

No damage.  Thankfully, no other cars were pulling in at that instant.

The man in the car beside us was shaking his head, his eyes wide.  He kept saying "I can't believe that happened!"  I felt the same.  He told me I should go buy a lottery ticket.  Hilarious.  A bit shaky, we drove home, with Lucy delightedly talking about how Carter drove the car.

So, let's add that to his resume: Carter the dog, the famous movie star, once drove a car.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Head Tilt

So Carter is still struggling with his crazy vertigo (also called, at least around here, "Dizzy Dog" and also called, by vets, "Canine Vestibular Syndrome").  He's seeming a bit better, but he's still a bit off.  For instance, there's this head tilt thing he does:

I know, it's cute.  But his poor head is ALWAYS at this tilt, not just when he's asking for more treats.  It's totally pathetic.  He is no longer stumbling around so much in the total drunken-sailor style.  But he is having trouble navigating steps and uneven ground.  The crazy eye-rolling that was happening the first night (pre-diagnosis) has thankfully disappeared.  We did the dramamine for a bit, but it didn't seem to have much effect.  It's our hope that he'll be better soon.  On the bright side, he's eating just fine (you know we were really concerned when *this dog* didn't want to eat).  We've been missing our walks (though perhaps he hasn't so much!).

The weather here has been lovely lovely lovely!  Hooray!