Wednesday, November 18, 2009


There is a white cat that lives next door. I hate that cat. I presume the feeling is mutual. Sometimes, the cat comes into MY yard. This is unacceptable. I chase him out. As soon as the cat gets to the other side of the fence, he stops and taunts me. Seriously, he sits there just out of reach and stares at me and rolls around. He is an evil, evil cat.

Tonight, the evil cat came into my yard. I defended my territory and chased him off. I totally would have broken through the fence if Jake hadn't come out and grabbed me.

Two hours later, they let me back out. And guess who was still hanging around? The evil cat. I chased the cat, but this time, the foolish, foolish (though evil!) cat ran toward the back of the front yard. Foolish cat, there is a chain link fence on that part of the yard! Foolish cat, you cannot escape me! I had him cornered! I lunged. And the evil cat made me bleed my own blood! Yes, my poor little pooch nose has a cat scratch.

I am sure the cat would look much worse than me, except that Jake ran out there when he heard the ruckus and grabbed me again.

It has been a crazy night! But I live to fight (the evil cat) another day.