Friday, December 18, 2009

A Party and an accident

So I was a very excited dog today, because I was invited to a party! I love parties! I was invited to Emma's Birthday party, because it was a dog-themed party! How cool! I was the only dog in attendance with a huge group of kids who really excited to see me. There was so much excitement that.....

I walked over to the Christmas tree and peed on it.

The kids excitedly reported this fact to the grownups, who would not have even known if it hadn't been for those meddling kids! I cannot believe I got in trouble for this. It was a TREE! It rhymes with pee! That's where a dog pees. Sheesh.

Anyway, after the drama, things remained pretty exciting, though there were no more accidents. I stalked the whole house, looking for snacks. I found some bread sitting out on top of a table, but apparently it was designated for humans only. Sigh. So I had to wait for people to start dropping food, which happened pretty quickly.

I love parties.