Sunday, February 27, 2011

You're Welcome, Christian Bale

So I was just reading (yes, I read) an article on Slate about my co-star, Christian Bale's Golden Globe acceptance speech, and this part really got my attention:

But rather than offer a typical co-star backslap, he elaborated on the yin-yang interrelation of actors on screen. "You can only give a loud performance like the one I gave when you have a quiet anchor," he said, referring to Wahlberg's stoic turn as Eklund's kid brother and former Welterweight champion Micky Ward. "I've played that one many times, and it never gets any notice. Kudos for that, because otherwise we wouldn't have gotten away with it."

I would like to propose that Wahlberg is not the "anchor" that Bale refers to here. Slate got it all wrong. It's me, people. It's me. I am the quiet anchor. You know it. Let's hope he thanks his "FUZZY quiet anchor" in tonight's Academy Awards.

If you need more evidence, take note of the way that the line about ME ("Is that a cocker spaniel?") is in every discussion of the film:

The Atlantic Monthly refers to it, and even random film blogs do, too!

Here's a photo-retrospective of me!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who Moved My Cheese?

Yesterday while Bridget and Jake and Lucy were off having fun at Matt & Mary's, I got hungry. So I went foraging. After a lot of digging that would no doubt have been fun to watch, I found a bag inside Jake's bike bag that had a brick of Grafton Cheddar in it! Yum! I love that! I dragged it over to my bed and munched away. I only ate about a third of the bar, and I very kindly left the other end of it wrapped so that the peoples could eat the rest after they cut off the mangled end. I'm a considerate dog. Sort of.

Also, I do not like this snow. There is way too much of it. How much? The Boston Globe reports that Logan airport has had over 70 inches this winter. They have illustrated just how crazy that number is using a brilliant feature called the Shaq-o-Meter. Check it out by following the link.

Not cool, guys. Not cool.