Thursday, June 30, 2011

Carter after Dentist

So yesterday I went to my friends at Wignall's, and they totally got me drunk. Well, actually, they put me under anesthesia, cleaned my teeth, and removed the growth on my tongue. But when I woke up, I totally seemed like I was drunk. I just hope I wasn't as bad as this kid.

Before the surgery, the doctor thought I had an irregular heartbeat, and they were worried that this indicated some heart disease. But an x-ray informed them that my heart is OK. Of course it is. The rest of things were smooth sailing. I get to have delicious, canned wet food for a week or so, which is totally awesome. Bridget and Jake haven't had a chance to see my tongue yet (they don't want to bug me about it too much), but I'm doing pretty well. This is totally embarrassing, but the picture above shows the nasty lump thing pretty well. Gross! I'm glad it's gone. In a week or so we should have a biopsy back to know what the heck it was.

In other news, someone at Bridget's work asked for an actual paw-tograph for her son. He totally wants to have it to hang up in his room. I am awesome!

Monday, June 27, 2011


So there's this thing growing on my tongue, and it's not a new tongue. It's a bump. So Jake took me to the vet for the usual $300 appointment (every single time it is $300). They want to take it off (my poor tongue!) so I'll be going under the knife (probably) on Wednesday. While they're at it, I'll get a full teeth cleaning deal. Fun! So look for a further report later this week.

Also, I just spent a week with my lovely Aunt Paula, and my dog buds Briscoe and Marlin. I'm awesome.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Health Check All Clear

The vet called back and I'm in good health! We're all very happy about this. Check out this photo -- obviously I'm a model dog, the picture of good health!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Health Update

So last week, I was coughing, like a lot, during the day. Bridget called the vet, all worried, and I went in the next day for a visit with the vet. The thing is, I didn't cough ONCE after Bridget called the vet. Seriously.

So they gave me the "senior" blood workup, since I'm a "mature" dog and all. They also wanted a sample of my pee. Yup. So the vet-tech and Bridget took me outside to make a collection. But I would not pee in front of them. They were weirding me out. They kept walking all close, shuffling up to me with their plastic container anytime I went near the bushes. So I held it. So the vet tech gave up, gave Bridget the equipment, and sent us home. So Bridget tried for the rest of day to collect my pee. This is hilarious. I mean, it's hilarious to me, and I'm sure it's hilarious to the neighbors who were watching. I don't think Bridget thought it was too hilarious, though, as she seemed to say a lot of angry words. She tried for a long time. And she failed.

She did finally collect the pee a few days later. We're still waiting for the results. Basically, according to my bloodwork, I might have some trouble with my thyroid, but that's not bad, and it's not terribly unusual for a dog of my age. But overall, my health is good. And I enjoy making Bridget feel inadequate at collecting pee.