Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Head Tilt

So Carter is still struggling with his crazy vertigo (also called, at least around here, "Dizzy Dog" and also called, by vets, "Canine Vestibular Syndrome").  He's seeming a bit better, but he's still a bit off.  For instance, there's this head tilt thing he does:

I know, it's cute.  But his poor head is ALWAYS at this tilt, not just when he's asking for more treats.  It's totally pathetic.  He is no longer stumbling around so much in the total drunken-sailor style.  But he is having trouble navigating steps and uneven ground.  The crazy eye-rolling that was happening the first night (pre-diagnosis) has thankfully disappeared.  We did the dramamine for a bit, but it didn't seem to have much effect.  It's our hope that he'll be better soon.  On the bright side, he's eating just fine (you know we were really concerned when *this dog* didn't want to eat).  We've been missing our walks (though perhaps he hasn't so much!).

The weather here has been lovely lovely lovely!  Hooray!