Saturday, June 23, 2007

Of Baths and Cats

On Thursday night, the humans gave me a bath. I endured it only because I am a sweet sweet dog, and they gave me lots of treats. But I didn't like it. Here I am wrapped in a towel, post-bath.

See how I'm on the couch? So apparently, it's fine for me to be on the couch if the humans are on the couch and they invite me up. But for some reason I can't fathom, I'm not allowed to be on the couch BY MYSELF. I think this is tremendously unfair. Some mornings, after Jake leaves for work and Bridget is still upstairs, I like to get on the couch. Or when Bridget goes to the basement to do laundry, I like to get on the couch. She seems very exasperated with me when I do this. But why do I have to always only share the couch?

Another thing that annoys me: that Cat Who Refuses to Acknowledge Me. There's this cat, and he has a real attitude problem. Most of the cats around here, like the two orange ones on Beacon run away when they see me. But this cat, boy he has some nerve. he doesn't budge an inch, no matter how much I leap and bark and whine at him.

For those of you who are interested in may daily comings and goings (for instance, my internet stalkers out there), I've created this map of my world for you:,-71.292747&spn=0.005618,0.009259&z=17

I think it's pretty cool.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Long-awaited Update

It's been a busy time in my life, and I haven't had much time to get onto the blog lately -- sorry to all my fans out there! I'll try to fill you in on all the excitement.

You'll be pleased to know that I continue to be a flatbread bandit. Bridget and Jake had their friends over to rip out the plaster in this room where I'm not allowed to go, and they ordered all this awesome food for lunch. While no one was looking, I stuck my head in a bag and pulled out a big pita bread, then ran with it. Jake eventually caught me, but it was still pretty fun. Here I am among the rubble they created:

The next most awesome thing that happened was that I went to Aunt Paula's sleepaway dog camp while Bridget and Jake were away. I love Paula. She took me out to this rally downtown, and I met all these nice people and kids. I even met the Episcopal minister, who invited me back to church. How cool is that? I had a great time, and I was especially interested when a giant tray of deli meats walked by. It was a very fun evening.

On a previous visit to Aunt Paula's, she was surprised to discover that I enjoy drive-thru windows. Who doesn't love a drive-thru window, especially the one at Top Donut? Aunt Paula was shocked to find me crawling across her lap and out the window, attempting to climb in through the drive through window. But I thought that was totally normal behavior.

I do have a couple complaints after my visits with Aunt Paula. Her dogs, Cerebus and Marlin, get to have THEIR OWN DONUT when they go to Top Donut, but Jake and Bridget say I only get dog treats. PLUS, Cerebus and Marlin get this awesome wet food, but Jake and Bridget only feed me dry kibble. I think this is an injustice. Please write letter and make phone calls in support of my campaign for a better Carter diet.

Here I am, enjoying my DRY KIBBLE outside on the deck. I guess it's not that bad. And I am pretty cute.