Sunday, September 7, 2008

I haven't posted in a ridiculously long time. The reason? I give you two words: THAT KID. Seriously, I cannot get a break. I move across the room, and she's after me. I sit down in my bed and she's crawling over. I try to get away, but then she screams. I need a vacation!

The kid, she is mobile now. This is scary. Here she is, getting up in my grill.
She is trying to get to my alligator, but it is MY alligator. Sometimes, I like to chew on her toys and then pretend that I don't know they're her toys. I especially like to grab her teddy bear. Bridget found him in my bed one morning. If that kid's gonna leave her bear lying around in the middle of the living room floor, I think I'm entitled to snuggle with him when I want to!
While I am really seriously disappointed that the kid is chasing me, there is an upside to her current behavior: food. I've discovered a whole new world of snacks that I had never had before: Cheerios! Fig Newtons! Graham Crackers! I get so much stuff outta this kid. I can walk right up to her Exersaucer and take stuff off the tray! It's great. And there's all kinds of stuff left behind after she's been in the high chair.
So the food is good. And usually, Jake and Bridget are really good about giving me treats when the kid is around. I'll stick around if they're offering treats. I like treats. But usually, I just want to go off to one of my beds and be by myself. The kid tries to follow me, but I try to hide. Otherwise, she tries to climb on me and bonk her head into me, and stick her fingers in my nose. That kids needs to learn some manners!
So other than that, this summer has been pretty good. I've been hanging out in the garden a lot.

There's a lot of grass out there that I can munch. Bridget put up this silly little wire fence to keep me out of there, but it totally didn't work, and now it just trips her up when she tries to go pick tomatoes.

I spent some time visiting my friends this summer, including of course, Aunt Paula (and Bus and Marlin) and also Tony & Stacy and the girls. My good dog buddy Gertie lives at that house, and I had a good time hanging out with her.

I'm a good dog. I'm patient with Lucy. I protect everyone here from the postman and anyone else who comes to the door. I have recently begun eating the bees that come to buzz in the hostas in the front yard. It's a pretty good life. But if anyone would like to come take this kid off my hands, I'd really appreciate it.

I'll try to blog more soon. Thanks for reading!