Friday, January 9, 2009

Totally. Gross.

It was bound to happen at someday. I'm almost surprised that it took her this long. To our knowledge, up until today -- for the first 13.75 months of her life -- Lucy ate food intended for humans. Today, all that changed.

Lucy ate dog food today.

She was playing contentedly in the dining room, eating Cheerios out of her snack-trap. When I saw her chewing, I assumed she was eating Cheerios. Then I looked at the "Cheerio" in her hand, and realized


It was a piece of kibble. As was the "cheerio" in her mouth.

Totally. Gross.

Turns out, the snack trap was empty (perhaps Carter ate the rest of them?) and Lucy moved on to the nearest source of snackage, which happened to be the remaining kibble in Carter's bowl.

She has not shown any ill effects so far. No barking, no lifting her leg.

[FYI, for those not in the know, the "snack trap" is this supposedly handy cup with a lid that kids can put their hands through to take out a snack. It's supposed to prevent the snacks from spilling out everywhere. Lucy, however, seems to have perfected a snack-trap technique that evades the product's supposed spill-prevention mechanism, and she regularly dumps the snack trap contents everywhere.]

Here, you can see her demonstrating her technique, triumphantly.