Thursday, November 27, 2008


I am a Thankful dog for many reasons. Today, there are a lot of people at my house. There more people we have here, the more chaos there is, and chaos is where I thrive. When there's chaos, no one notices when you steal a toy you're not supposed to have (like Lucy's teddybear). No one sees you skulk into the kitchen to steal food. People totally forget that they shouldn't put food on the coffee table, and I totally score yummy people food of all kinds. It's awesome.

I haven't been able to blog much, so I'll give you the update.

Relations with the house baby continue to be a rocky road.

Here she is, taunting me with a ritz cracker:

But here I am, successfully eating some chex out of her hands. Yum!

And here I am on Halloween. A whole bunch of kids in weird outfits came to our house and got candy. I tried wearing this hat, but no one gave me any candy. Lame!
That's all for now. I smell turkey. YUM!