Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So here's what happened

A few days ago, while Bridget and Jake ran off to Cambridge and I was here hanging out with Lucy and John and Rose, I kinda ran off. Well, "ran" might be an exaggeration. I saw that the gate wasn't completely closed, I wiggled through, and wandered off. As you might imagine, John and Rose were quite worried. But they had heard that I do occasionally go visiting my neighbors, so they figured I'd be nearby. And indeed, when John went out to find me, one of the neighbors a few doors down yelled "are you looking for a dog?" and it was me and I came home and all is well and that was over. John and Rose told Bridget and Jake about the adventure. Or at least, the version of the adventure that they knew.

The plot thickens.

Yesterday, I did it again. Jake was getting stuff into and out of the car, and I made a break for it while he wasn't looking. Bridget went off in search of me, and again, a neighbor yelled "are you looking for your dog?" and Bridget came to get me. I was not at all interested in the fact that Bridget had been calling my name, walking up and down the street. I totally heard her. The people at the house where I was informed Bridget that I had been there a couple of days ago, and that they were having a BBQ then. More importantly, they thought that I was their landlord's dog, and they GAVE ME CHICKEN AND HAMBURGER OFF THE GRILL. So Bridget actually had to climb up two flights of back porch stairs to pull me away from the grill, which I was calmly sitting beside, ignoring the conversation and the urgent search for me.

We have the best neighbors!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011


A big fan of mine requested an official pawtograph. Bridget had some challenges with getting this done. First of all, I'm at the height of my fuzziness at the moment. Said fuzziness involves a lot of hair growing between my toes. Seriously. They made it difficult to do anything other than a furry mass of blue ink. So Jake joined in and helped Bridget clip the hair between my toes, and she did a re-take today. As you can see above, it looks pretty good.

By the way, the vet called and said that my tongue thing biopsy came back clear, and the lump was totally benign and unlikely to reappear. This is all good news. The vet also said that I am UNDERWEIGHT, so I need to work on bulking up!!!! WOO HOO!!!