Thursday, March 11, 2010

Brownie Bandit!

Today Bridget came home from work and dropped her bag by the door before heading for the bathroom. I took this as an invitation to stick my head into her bag and see what was in there. Well, dear readers, I hit the JACKPOT! There was a foil-wrapped package of BROWNIES in there!!! Woo hoo! Before Bridget could finish her bathroom business, they were GONE! So YUM!

Bridget was pretty upset. If you see her, try not to mention brownies or baked goods of any sort.

By the way, I know dogs aren't supposed to eat chocolate. But who makes up these rules? I'm fine. In fact, I'm awesome!

Also, just so you know, any bag sitting on the floor WILL be searched. By me. Personally. If there is food in there, I WILL find it. And eat it. Don't test me.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Haircut, also, driving

I got a haircut on Friday. I look awesome.

I look so awesome, Jake and Bridget let me drive their car. Nice!