Sunday, February 24, 2013

Health Updates: Concerns & Curiosities

Carter's been having a rough couple of rough weeks.  For a few days, he was pretty much unable to walk.  This has been stressful and awful.  He was bad for a couple of days, then improved, and was bad again.  We had a couple of vet visits, and it was suggested that perhaps he was just having an arthritis flare-up.  But still, it's been very worrisome.  He'd have a great day, needing no help, and even be able to climb the front steps. Then the next day, he'd be rough again.  So Jake brought him to the vet for an x-ray.

Verdict: arthritis flare up, but more than his rimadyl can handle. He's going on a course of prednisone, starting Monday.

His knees and hips actually look good for a dog his age. The arthritis is in his lower back (lumbosacral). Apparently this is common in German Shepherds. Go figure.

The x-ray showed one weird thing. It's not causing him any trouble, but he's got a bb in his butt. It wasn't there in 2009, when he last had an x-ray. So somebody shot him in the last 4 years. Again, it's not and won't be a problem for him, but it's crazy messed up.  The vet was positive it was a bb. I suspect she sees it often. Just in case your misanthropy needed a booster shot. Sheesh.

All in all good news, no tumors or other horrors.

So, be on the lookout for jerks wielding BB guns.

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